Citrus Fruits Jam

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  Jar: 340 g. Made with fresh oranges, tangerines and lemons that has been harvested the right time. This jam can fill with excitement even the most discerning. Taste it with freshly baked bread, on a homemade cake or even a cheesecake.  

Pomegranate Jam

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  Jar: 340 g. Take advantage of the antioxidative properties of the pomegranate at your breakfast. Taste this pomegranate jam as a topping on your homemade tarts, on top of your yogurt or on a buffalo ice cream.      

Tomato Chutney

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Jar: 230g. This sweet and sour tomato chutney is something between a sauce and a jam. Created by endless creativity and love it is ready to be served with cheeses and cold cuts and to be combined with grilled meat and poultry. Best served with BBQ and burgers.    

Tomato sauce with red peppers and oregano

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  Jar: 370g. The special flavoring of the fresh oregano combined with fresh tomatoes and bright red peppers starts a journey into the tradition of Greek cuisine. A sauce that brings memories of our childhood, with no colors or preservatives, makes our foods delicious with its simplicity. A perfect combination with meat, Cretan salad with […]

Tomato Jam

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  Jar: 230 & 830 g. A special jam, with flavor and taste, that will fill you with excitement. Created by flavoring summer bright red tomatoes, sugar and cinnamon can accompany every plate of cheese and lunch meats, even burgers. You can enjoy it with cream cheese, cheesecake with mizithra cheese or, for those who […]

Kiwi Jam

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  Jar: 340g. Enjoy the kiwi jam with your breakfast and balance the biological functions of your organism. Better combined with your freshly baked sandwich, your snacks and Greek yogurt.      

Fig Jam

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  Jar: 340g. The all-time classic and loved fig jam made from fig trees around Serres, harvested the right time, create one more gourmet temptation. Combine it with fried bread with your breakfast or with a plate of Greek cheeses and make your friends speechless.      

Peach Jam

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  Jar: 340g. The classic Peach Jam is made with Greek Peaches. Enjoy it with your breakfast, inside butter croissants, in a pasta flora, with your homemade cake and taste the summer you seek.    

Peach and Basil Jam

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  Jar: 340g. From the very first time, everybody loved it, even the most hesitant. We slightly changed the classic recipe of Peach jam and we added a little bit of fresh basil. The result? The most refreshing jam you ever tasted. Enjoy it in Panna Cotta, on Greek yogurt, sandwiches with freshly baked bread […]

Pineapple Jam

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  Jar: 340g. The last 10 years, pineapple is in our preferences because of its beneficial properties. We experimented with the tasteful and exotic fruit and the result was excellent. Enjoy the pineapple jam with your breakfast, fruit salad, crepes, crèmes, cakes and every other homemade delicacy that you can imagine.  

Strawberry and Chocolate Jam

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  Jar: 340g. Strawberry and Chocolate jam won the hearts of kids and adults. Fresh strawberries combined with dark chocolate make the most tasteful pleasure… for your breakfast, your homemade crepes, your pasta flora or as a snack with your bread for every hour of the day.

Strawberry Jam

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  Jar: 340g. Made with fresh strawberries of the Greek land, this jams gives the best test and a brilliant color in our breakfasts. Try it out in your homemade cheesecake, as a topping on top of your favorite cake, as a filling to your chocolates or with a plate of goat cheeses.